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  • Foto del escritorJairo Andrés Llano

Architectural Photographer Colombia

Actualizado: 16 may 2023

Since 2007, my architectural practice change from cad drawings to photoshop retouching. I studied in Barcelona and Valencia, Spain in order to learn about the power of images and the relation they have been creating to expose modern architecture to the world.

My passion and love for architecture make me travel to know the buildings I love, but also make me capture them, and take home the memories converted into raw files, which I look and retouch many times getting richer my portfolio but also accomplishing a lot of experience so I can offer my knowledge to my clients: architects, construction companies, investment companies, marketing agencies.

View of a section of Turning torso building
Turning Torso - architectural photographer

Agora, great convention center photography by LLANO. Estudio Herreros Architects

I want also to be part of the documentation of the cities of my time and get known for my skills to create realistic but awesome architectural photographs. I work with my clients, hearing them and their expectations, but also giving them a new perspective on their own work. I love to visit the projects I shoot and stay there many hours to live the buildings through the daylight, looking for the atmosphere of the surroundings and understanding the way people have appropriated the different spaces.

My home is Bogotá, and here´s where I have developed a big part of my portfolio working for locals, but also to international firms who have put their footprints on the city.

If you want to see my portfolio in a specific area of architectural video or photography you can contact me on and follow me on Instagram @llano_fotografia.

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